Forming strategic alliance is the key battle in growing a business.

As year 2020 is nearing, China Press and YYC Group are helping you the business owner to be full force ahead in planning out for next year by this year end, through this “Alliance edition”, you will be leading ahead in setting in your business plans for next year and the future. 

Li Ka-Shing’s Key Battle

In April 1977, Li Ka-shing at the age of 49,
completed an acquisition in less than a week, the company owned by Hilton Hong Kong Hotel, Yonggao Co. was acquired for HK$230 million. One year thereafter, the value added from the acquisition has doubled the net asset value of Cheung Kong Industrial Co. At the same time, he also found his strategic partner Pao Yue-Kong who joined him in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Arising from this deal, Li Ka-shing embarked on the fast-growing path through M&A rapidly expanded his business empire.

*This workshop will be conducted in mandarin.
To GROW your share value, you must master: “The Science + Art”

The basis of share distribution begins with a set of formula. Although this formula is a set of numerical calculations, you would still need to do it in a scientific way and align with the latest Companies Act to protect the rights and interests of your shareholders, directors and business owners.

Generally, share distribution is allocated on the proportion of 25:25:25:25; or 50:50; or 70:30; or 51:49. Almost all share distribution methods can be interpreted mathematically or scientifically. There are always pros and cons in each methods, therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must master all these!

In order to grow your business, you must first work on equity planning management. At the stage of management, having shares distributed scientifically is insufficient, you must also master the “Art” within, and the fundamental of the “Art” is how you control the identity, rights and benefits between shareholders and directors.

In Malaysia, YYC is a local real-life success story; in overseas, the success story is HaiDiLao.

Let’s look into the real-life success stories.
In the case of YYC, although the shares are divided equally, however the final decision-making lies in the hand of the Group Chairman Mr. Yap Zhi Chau. As for HaiDiLao, the shares are equally distributed scientifically between 4 shareholders, but Zhang Yong holds the final decision-making power.

HaiDiLao start-up with 8,000 RMB and now it’s Price Earning ratio (PE) has gone up 84 times, whereby the share value has increased to 164.565 billion RMB!

Therefore, even if your shares are distributed equally between 3 or 4 shareholders, although it may seem that the rights are divided equally, you may still master the “Art” within and hold the “ultimate control” , you could be the next Zhang Yong of HaiDiLao.

In short, to achieve tremendous growth in share value, it takes more than ordinary share distribution to work the magic.
YYC has the ideal and exclusive Share Value Increase System for you: 
Real-life success stories shown that even if you are now on a scientific four-person shareholding structure, as long as you have high leadership and strategic thinking, you can still hold the ultimate decision making rights, it’s also possible for you to be able to hold the "absolute controlling rights", you may be the next Zhang Yong! 
* Note: HaiDiLao founded its business with only 8,000 RMB. Today, HaiDiLao’s PE value is 84 times, and its share value has increased to 164.56 billion RMB.
If You Want To Be The 

Next  HaiDiLao!  

If you want your share value to achieve the state of 1+1 greater than 3, you must not rely solely on “Science” and logical thinking, you have to master the ”Art” of equity planning! Share may seem like a “percentage”, however, this “percentage” is owned by “people”, the key question is - how to make 
use of the advanced “Art” of equity planning and infuse into your current equity planning design, to achieve assured share planning and share motivation which will give you peace of mind?
This “Equity Planning 4.0 Alliance Edition.” gives you the exclusively customized set of equity planning secret formula combining the “ science” and “Art” of shareholding, helping you to avoid possible shareholding disputes
If shares are not distributed properly, it will be like having a time bomb, your business is at risk of getting endless shareholders disputes anytime, even to the extend of going on court for lawsuits.

Share distribution is a marvellous combination of the scientific methodology and the “Art” of equity planning.

Through combining scientific system and the character of shareholders, the ideal share distribution can be built.

As a leader of an enterprise, it is wise to always plan ahead, design a equity planning which gives you the peace of mind, to clarify the shareholders’ ownership rights, management rights and controlling rights within the equity planning, allowing shareholders and directors to be clear on each other’s responsibilities, that’s the wise move which are set to benefit the enterprise.

Equity planning will be changed and planned along with different stages of an enterprise, such as HaiDiLao, from the shares equally distributed between 4 shareholders, it was thereafter re-planned, whereby one of them bought 18% of the shares of other shareholders, which results to one shareholder with the absolute controlling rights.
A marvellously built equity planning is a factor for a company to grow “healthily”

  • Share Distribution Methods – The Science in equity planning  
  • How to infuse “Art” into equity planning  
  • The ultimate 8 values methodology of equity planning / best use  
  • Pros and Cons of various types of equity planning  
  • Duties and Rights of Shareholders and Directors  
Experts are here to teach you:
Company is having difficulties in retaining talents? 
Employees are not motivated? 

Are your employees your allies?
Share motivation is an effective way to help a company to grow or to motivate talents. While the design of share motivation requires the adaption and application of different customization according to different growth paths. Such as the case in Alibaba, Jack Ma allied with Joseph Tsai to crease miracles for the company.

Through 4 rounds of share motivation, they have grown the company and increased employees’ wealth.

Taking YYC as an example, different types of share motivation are also used throughout the journey of 45 years of growth, by meeting the company’s scale and target needs at different stages.
Real-life case studies will be shared to tell you:

How employee A cash out his shares with 20times?
Why employee B who invested RM45,000 in the business and merged business back then, who has achieved 93 times return on investment, and he is still staying with the company…
When there are changes in the scale of business, the share distribution must also change accordingly, otherwise you shall beware of the various possible after-effects and distressing situations.
Experts are here to teach you:
  • 11 Steps on Share Motivation
  • Process Flow of Share Motivation
  • Common Problems in Share Motivation
  • Agreements of Share Motivation
YYC founded its business with only RM5,000, which became more than 10,000 times now. How did the company do this and attract OCBC Bank to invest in YYC as a shareholder?

By comparing your start-up cost and the business value now, how many times has the value grown?
If an investor wants to acquire your business, how much should you sell it? 
Experts will teach you on the spot how to calculate the current value of your business and the value you anticipate in the future.
Increasing share value is the ultimate goal of business owners, once you miss the opportunity to increase the company’s value, you might still end up empty handed even after so many years of efforts invested in the business.
Company valuation whether its high or low, indirectly impact on business succession and whether will talents join your company.
Therefore, mastering valuation now means mastering the future of your company!
Experts are here to teach you:
  • LIVE Calculate Company’s Value on the spot
  • LIVE Calculate Company’s Future Value (short term)
  • Setting strategies to increase company valuations
  • Understanding the Computing Methods and Growth Potentials of Science and Technology Industry and Various Major Industries
  • Understanding and learning from the strategy implementation of technology and industrial companies in Malaysia and abroad, and its impact on company valuation
(Note: Please bring along your latest audit report)
A woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man,
a business owner is afraid of choosing a wrong shareholder.

As the saying goes “its easier to invite the devil in than to send him away”, once you get an unsuitable shareholder, your business will be at risk of endless losses.

The Chinese restaurant chain “ZhenKungFu“ was once a trend in the food and beverage industry through its creative Chinese style fast food, however, the business was affected by the shareholders disputes on the fight over business controlling stake, to the extend that it was brought up to court and lawsuits.

To choose the “Right” Shareholder, you must first know how to “Read” the People 

Get The Right Person, Put in the Right Seat, Do the Right Thing, Your Company will be Benefited for a Lifetime!
Experts are here to teach you:
  • How to select shareholders and partners to work with, with complimentary toolkit “The Secrets to Shareholders Selection”
  • How to make use of the “Innate” and “Acquired” formula, and select shareholders who will bring greatest value to your company
  • The 3 Fundamental Rules in selection of partner
Mergers and Acquisitions are the key strategy to grow a business to the next level!

Indeed, the key battle of business is in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the choice taken decides the future of your company, if chosen correctly, you could expand your business just like Li Ka-shing.

At the same time, have you found your strategic partner?
Just like local real-life success example of the strategic alliance between YYC and OCBC, and the strategic alliance of Hong Kong richest man Li Ka-shing and Pao Yue-Kong.

Successful mergers and acquisitions can help a company to rapidly expand business scale, increase number of employees, conquer new markets, and then realise the development goal of rapid growth.

M&A is like an art of integration. An excellent enterprise can achieve the excellent effect of 1 + 1 is greater than 2 by integrating the appropriate resources in the industry or across the industry and allocating them efficiently.
An enterprise can also improve the overall capacity by integrating various elements such as capital, talents, management, brand and technology etc. In this way, the enterprise will be able to grow to greater heights.

At the same time, M&A can also be a way of “Succession".
We have invited the Japan No.1 M&A Advisory Listed Company to join us in sharing the most sought-after M&A knowledge in this seminar!
Expert from Japan is here to teach you:
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Methods
  • How to Choose Your Target in M&A
  • Factors to consider in M&A
3 ways to grow a business tremendously:
Succession, Mergers & Acquisitions, Listing

These three plans are closely linked, each link has its scientific and artistic nature.

  • How to transform traditional industries through succession?
  • What are the biggest obstacles in succession?
  • Which company should you merge with or acquire to grow your business?
  • How to avoid the failure in mergers and acquisitions?
  • What are the process flow of listing?

YYC CEO Datin Shin and Japan No.1 M&A Advisory Company – Nihon M&A Center Inc representative Mr. Yusuke Ojima will share with you the most professional knowledge you need.
Explore the topics in succession, mergers and acquisitions and listing with our experts, find the best ways to implement various plans and getting solutions for problems you may encounter, helping you the business owner to master ways which you can grow your business!

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