3 Months Tax Instalments Deferment for SMEs
SMEs are allowed to defer monthly tax instalment for a period of 3 months beginning April 2020 until June 2020
- Deferment will be given automatically to all SMEs based on Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia’s record as per Year of Assessment 2018 Return Form
- For monthly tax instalment payments falling between 1 April 2020 until 30 June 2020
- The balance of tax (if any) has to be settled upon the submission of the income tax return
Tax Highlights#1
Tax Highlights#2
For companies related to the tourism industry (including those with SME status) allowed to defer monthly tax instalment for a period of 6 months
- For monthly tax instalment payments falling between 1 April 2020 until 30 Sept 2020
- Deferment will be given automatically based on IRBM’s record and notification will be given via email registered with the IRB
- The balance of tax (if any) has to be settled upon the submission of the income tax return
6 Months Tax Instalments Deferment for Companies Related to the Tourism Industry 
From this Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, what changes have been made to the Malaysia’s Tax developments? What are the tax incentives and reliefs for your company?

YYC Tax Guru - Zen Chow in this Webinar will guide you through case studies of major industries, with in-depth analysis and guiding you on how you can maximise company tax reliefs and incentives, so that your company can maximise tax savings and minimise tax burden on your company.

Company Tax Savings Webinar

YYC Workshop - Company Tax Savings is now available online! In this webinar, you will get guidance with in-depth explanations on latest Malaysian Tax Developments, covering all your concerns in tax reliefs, tax deductions, a must join webinar for you who want to maximise tax savings!

You must be prepared in tax filing, a proper and correct tax submission cannot be deal with in last minute! It may results in errors or overlook of tax savings where you can maximise. Master company tax savings and submission matters as early as possible, so that you can be stress-free even when the tax deadline is near.
1) Classes of Income
     -Section 4 & Section 4A

2) Capital vs Revenue Receipts
   - Differences of Capital & Revenue
   - Badges of Trade

3) Business Tax Deduction -Allowable & Disallowable
    - Entertainment
    - Sponsorship
    - Donation
    - Travelling
    - Upkeep
    - Law and Profession

4) Offences & Penalties 

5) Latest Developments
    - Review of tax treatment on unabsorbed business losses and unutilised capital allowances
    - Reduction of corporate tax rate for qualifying small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”)
Company Tax Savings Highlights
Why Join This Webinar?
You will be able to:
1) Master latest Malaysian tax developments
2) Know you can save taxes from which business transaction
3) Learn correct reporting of taxes
4) Learn tax planning with strategies from Tax Guru
Date & Time
Date: 22 October 2020 (Thursday)

Time: 2.30PM - 6.00PM

Language: English

Platform: By Zoom
02.00 pm - Registration
02.30 pm – Part 1
04.00 pm - Break
04.10 pm – Part 2
06.00 pm - Q&A - End
Webinar Schedule

Zen Chow 

YYC Tax Guru & Tax Executive Director

-Licensed Tax Agent by Ministry of Finance

-Licensed GST Agent by RMCD & MoF

-Associate Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM)

-BBusCom (Monash), CPA (Aust.), C.A. (M), ACTIM

- He has been involved in the tax compliance and tax advisory works for more than 15 years in various industries ranging from manufacturing, trading (retail & business services), franchisor/ licensor, education, investment holding, investment dealing, forestation, agriculture, foundation, association and trade union.

- Active in giving tax related talks and seminars such as budget talk and tax updates seminar.

- Frequently invited by media such as Bernama and AiFM to share on tax topics.

- Topics of expertise include company tax planning, personal tax planning, tax investigation, Malaysian annual budget analysis, latest tax developments and other tax related topics.

Who Should Attend?
Business Owner, CEO, General Manager, Finance Manager, Accounting Manager and any staff responsible in company tax matters

Recommended: Business Owner to participate with Staff!
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